The Peace Corps is committed to providing equal opportunity to all employees, Volunteers, and applicants for employment and volunteer service.  The Peace Corps welcomes people from every background and does not discriminate against anyone based upon race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (40 or over), disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, parental status, political affiliation, union membership, genetic information, or prior participation in protected activity including grievance proceedings.

Country Director (CD)

The Country Director position can be found here.


As the senior Peace Corps official and legal representative in the country of assignment, Country Directors (CDs) are responsible for leading and managing the successful implementation of the Peace Corps country program by:

  • Fostering positive relationships with host country partners, government officials and U.S. embassy officials.
  • Inspiring professionalism, camaraderie, commitment and cultural sensitivity among Volunteers and staff.
  • Managing and guiding Peace Corps staff to facilitate effective Volunteer projects.
  • Establishing systems to support the personal health, safety, and security of Volunteers.

Supervision/Guidance and Length of Tour

The Country Director works under the general supervision of the appropriate regional director at Peace Corps headquarters in Washington, D.C. Peace Corps employees receive time-limited appointments (60 months), and most employees are limited to a maximum of five years of employment with the agency.

Country Director

Country Directors should have at least four years of management experience with responsibility for the budget, staff of at least 15, organizational policy implementation and outcome measures, and have two years of successful experience in a leadership position in a multicultural environment. These directors must be United States citizens; and they must not have been associated with intelligence activities.

While many of these positions do not require fluency in a language, some do.  We anticipate a specific need for fluent French, Portuguese and Spanish speakers.

Peace Corps accepts applications for Country Director positions throughout the year.  Go to Find Jobs to apply online for these positions.